Founded in 1890, Nascentia Health (formerly VNA of CNY) has been delivering exceptional home and community based care for over 130 years.

We continue this historic legacy by offering communities throughout New York state an unprecedented level of service specifically designed to meet the needs of those who mean the most to us… our patients, participants, and members.

Nascentia Health was envisioned as a healthcare system without walls and as a way to bring all of our programs and services into a unified healthcare system.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for people to receive all the care they need, where they want it most—at home.

It is our mission to be the premier home and community-based care system for the regions we serve. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence as a healthcare leader and deliver exceptional care.  At the heart of Nascentia are the people who define our healthcare system and who drive positive results.

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Providing a broad spectrum of community-based home care services across New York State.

2021 AHA Gold Workplace Health Achievement

Nascentia Health is proud to have met American Heart Association criteria for Gold recognition in the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index. See for more information.

Our health care insurance plans and services include:

Nascentia Health looks to the future of home healthcare while honoring our history and reflecting our continued commitment to providing exceptional care. Unifying all our existing resources into one cohesive healthcare system was an inevitable and strategic step to ensure that we’re best positioned to fulfill our mission today, and well into the foreseeable future.