Nascentia Health’s Corporate Compliance Program and Code of Conduct Policy

The high standards set forth in our policy have been put in place to ensure that all directors, officers, employees and the Board of Directors are held to the same ethical, business and legal conduct of their duties and responsibilities.

They are required to practice with honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities and comply with all federal and state laws and regulations. Any violation of the standards is deemed unacceptable, can compromise the integrity of the system and may result in criminal as well as monetary penalties.

Compliance is defined as conforming our practices and behavior to requirements of law, rules and regulation. The government imposes mandatory requirements for providers who serve Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Every home health care provider must have policies and procedures, and employee practices in place which will enable them to prevent and detect fraud in their business and clinical operations. We must educate employees about fraud and abuse, provide a way for them to communicate and report suspected fraud and abuse, and conduct an immediate investigation and timely response to actual or potential fraudulent activity. The New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) has also outlined the following specific areas of agency compliance that must be addressed and are included in our policies and procedures:

  • ​Billing
  • Payments
  • Medical Necessity and Quality of Care
  • Governance (Board of Directors)
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Employee Credentialing
  • Risk Areas for Home Care

As part of our Compliance Program, the following channels are offered for asking compliance questions or to report a potential compliance issue:

  • Call our third party Compliance Hotline at 1-855-252-7606 or file a report online at
  • Call Compliance Officer Janet Billington at 315-477-9233 or email at
  • Write to:
    Nascentia Health
    Attn: Compliance Officer, Janet Billington
    1050 West Genesee Street
    Syracuse, New York 13204

Complaints and reports can be made anonymously and we have a policy of non-retaliation and non-intimidation. All reported issues will be investigated.

We are proud of our high corporate compliance standards and work tirelessly to ensure that we abide by our own stringent guidelines as well as those set forth by federal and state laws and regulations. Doing so protects our own welfare and more importantly the health and safety of the patients we serve.

Please feel free to view our Patient Bills of Rights.