Caregiver Respite Services

Nascentia is pleased to offer full-time caregivers a break from their round-the-clock responsibilities:

  • In-home aide service enables caregivers to leave home for a short break each week, or to leave home for more than a day at a time.
  • Temporary out-of-home placement in an adult home (assisted living facility) or nursing home enables caregivers to leave for a planned break, such as a vacation, or scheduled surgery. Emergency respite due to sudden illness, death or other unexpected circumstance is also available.

Who is eligible?

Any resident of Onondaga County who is a caregiver providing care for a person 60 or older, or any resident who is over 60 years of age and provides full-time care for a chronically ill or disabled younger person.

What is the cost?

Services are provided on a cost-share arrangement based on the care recipient’s ability to pay. All payments are voluntary contributions.

Nascentia is able to provide respite care with cooperation and funding from the New York State Office for the Aging and the Onondaga County Department of Aging and Youth.

Download our Respite Services Brochure for more information

Respite Care Services