Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Service (CDPAS)

At Nascentia Health, we know that sometimes all people need is just a little help to be able to stay safely at home. With Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS) through our Independent @ Home Program, you’ll have the opportunity to hire people you know and trust to provide that help.

What is CDPAS?

CDPAS is a Medicaid funded program that offers an alternative approach to traditional home care and skilled nursing services. Instead of an agency establishing your service schedule and dispatching unfamiliar caregivers, you, the Community Member, are empowered to take an active and responsible role in your care. With CDPAS, you decide what kind of help you need and when you need it. You decide who to hire - Personal Assistants who you trust and feel comfortable with - and are responsible for training and supervising them.

CDPAS May Be Right for You If:

  • You are eligible for New York State Medicaid;
  • You are currently receiving or approved to receive personal care services;
  • You need some help with the activities of daily living (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.);
  • You can monitor the quality of care you receive or have a trusted person who can do so for you;
  • You have a full understanding of your own choices and their consequences;
  • You’d like to hire a friend, family member or other trusted person over the age of 18 to help you with daily care.

To learn more about how Nascentia Health can assist you with your CDPAS needs, please call us at 315.424.3744 or 1.800.234.2211 (toll free) or visit our website Independent @ Home Program today, and one of our caring, friendly representatives will be happy to help.