VNA Homecare Announces New Name, Promise to Community


VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, Home Aides of Central New York and all their respective affiliated organizations and foundations have been united into one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health.

According to President and CEO Kate Rolf, the new organization combines the programs and services previously operated as separate entities into a unified healthcare system guided by true collaboration and a shared vision.

“This new system looks to the future of home healthcare in our community while honoring our history and reflecting our continued commitment to providing exceptional care,” states Rolf. “Unifying all of our existing resources into one cohesive healthcare system was an inevitable and strategic step to ensure that we’re best positioned to fulfill our mission today, and well into the foreseeable future.”

As a healthcare system without walls, Nascentia Health will take a holistic approach to patient care, addressing immediate needs, supporting positive long-term medical and lifestyle choices, and leveraging leading-edge in-home care approaches and technologies to improve outcomes and quality of life. Specialties will include: in-home nursing and medical services; home health aides and elder care; complete cross-continuum care management; community health and wellness programs; transportation, equipment and innovative care technologies; chronic disease management; and managed long-term care.

Improving the outcomes and quality of life for the 48 counties in Nascentia Health’s catchment area will also require a commitment to community programs, long-term health education, and social daycare programs. As such, the system has invested in the construction of a new, state-of-the-art facility, opening in 2018, that will help fulfill its mission to provide exceptional care and bring community members closer to the services that can assist and support them across the lifespan and continuum of care.

With the right approach, the right team, and the right resources and technologies, Nascentia Health delivers tomorrow’s healthcare today, promising more effective care and a healthier community.

“Nascentia Health is more than a healthcare system,” notes Chief Clinical Officer Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay. “It goes beyond the services and programs offered. It’s a promise made to the community and a promise made to each and every patient we serve.”

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