VNA Homecare Honors Employee Service at Annual Recognition Dinner


VNA Homecare, a local leader in home health care services, honored employees with five or more years of service at their 3nd Annual Employee Recognition and Holiday Celebration at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino on January 7, 2017.

Lapel pins were awarded to employees in recognition of their years of service.  Pins were awarded for service in five year increments.  Employees recognized for five or more years of service were as follows:

Five Years
Janet Billington, Julie Charette, Shauna Delamater, Emily Dillon, Theresa Ferrell, Lori Forrester, Kristy Garland, Leah Gilmore, Karen Hall, Andrew Hayes, Suzanne Hollenbeck, Diana Hubel, Norbert King, Barbie Kopf, Deborah Kristoff, Marilyn Kurlowicz, Beverly Morin, Alma Noble-Blue, Kate Rolf, Mary Sasenbury-Keller and Sabrina Young

Ten Years
Heather Bonaparte, Robin Cammuso, Heidi Claxton, Sandra Dunn, Carol Garrison, John Keassa, Darlene Kline, Karen Sabin, Jacqueline Singletary and Cindy Stuart.

Fifteen Years
Allison Belfield, Michelle Cotton, Sheronda Neal, Sharon Rogers, Debra Ryan and Donna Sauve

Twenty Years
Amor Bango and Patricia Brown

Twenty-Five Years
Noreen Schoonmaker

Thirty Years
Jacqueline Granger and Margaret Lynn Szabo

Thirty-Five Years
Mary Coffey

Forty Years
Laurie Bess-Moak and Jackie Neal

“We are grateful for the professionalism, experience and special talent that each and every one of these employees brings to VNA Homecare,” said Kate Rolf, president and chief executive officer. “They are a continuing source of confidence and pride, and they are an essential element of our continuing success.”